Common complications in dental implant

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Vo Van Nhan DDS.PhD: implant is an optimal dental restorative solution, the success rate is very high from 97 to 100%. When implants are not treated correctly, complications are common in dental implants.

 The case should implant implant

 Dental implants in Nhan Tam - 5 stars

Implantation is a modern dental implant solution but still appear complications if the procedure is not accurate

  Surgical complication before implant placement

- When planning treatment Implant must be based on the history of dental disease and general diseases, especially in elderly patients or chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart, blood pressure, osteoporosis, ... Diagnosis should be based on careful examination of the mouth and on 3D film, CT scan, test results and information provided by patients or relatives. Treatment planning is very important because these are things that will be done throughout the patient's life, if there is a small mistake that could change both the treatment plan or the unwanted incident. Mostly the patient must know exactly how to arrange the time and finance.

Before implanting the implant, the patient will be examined for general dental health

- According to Vo Van Nhan DDS.PhD: before the treatment of dental implants, the operating room must be sterile. All equipment, chairs, surgical dresses are prepared, even the air, floors, slippers in the room are sterile. If the sterile stage is not well performed, the risk of infection during and after implant surgery is high.

- Oral hygiene before implant implants is very important to help prevent infection during and after dental implants implant. Periodontal treatment, tartar and oral antibiotic antiseptic as well as antibiotic preparation are well prepared before implant surgery.

 Surgical complications during implant placement

- Complications in patients: During implant surgery, the patient suddenly had a heart attack, raised or lowered blood pressure, etc. Therefore, in the surgeries at the Center for Human Implants, to ensure safety For maximum patient care, we invite specialists to provide intensive care during the implant operation.

Dental implants at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic are made by experienced team, sterile surgical environment absolutely

- Complications by the doctor and the team: the drill is not in place, the force is not enough Implant, drilled the jaw, fracture of the instrument, implant touch the nerves, numbness inadequate dosage or overdose. , patients with anaphylactic shock, ... We think that you should discuss in advance with the doctor who will perform your Implant to really see that you put faith in this doctor is absolutely correct.

- blood too much.

Implant is not properly treated by the patient or implant is improperly implanted.

Patients who have numbness in the lips or numbness of the chin for a long time may be implanted with implanted implants.

 Complications after restoration

- Implant is broken due to improper implant placement.

- Restoration on the implant is gone, gum pain, food stuffing, not close, sound effects.

- When implantation is inaccurate, the chewing force is not properly distributed, leading to the condition that the implant teeth are not functioning well or the concentration of excessive force causes the implant to overload, which can lead to the risk of implant failure.


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