The consequences of jaw bone loss

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Dental implant is one of the greatest scientific achievements in dental history to help restore lost teeth in both aesthetic and functional way. The most complex and difficult problem in dental implantation is the case of patients with too much bone loss.

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 Dental implants for people with missing teeth

 How does the jaw bone condition to make dental implant?

Successful implantation involves a number of factors in which bone volume plays a critical role in the success of an implant. Below are the criteria for achieving a successful implant.

 Healthy jaw bone, hard bone, no damage, jaw bone is preserved intact.

 Bone size enough, no infection at the implant area but most implants implant patients rarely meet the standard bone jaw. The following cases need to be implanted to ensure that the implant is successful.

 Bone replacement material and when need a bone graft for dental implant?

 Lack of bone and gum volume

In case of deficiency of bone or gums, the two complementary tissues should be grafted to ensure that there are 2mm of bone covering the implant and gum tissue at least 1.1mm in thickness and that the gingival gingiva surrounds the implant.

For this reason, most cases of implant placement in the aesthetic area require the addition of bone and extra gums.

 Bone grafting material

So far, the patient's true bone is still the best material because it contains growth factors that heal quickly, have live bone cells, and limit the ability to react.

- If the bones are large: the bone mass must choose graft material is the patient's bone can be taken from the chin, jaw area, pelvic area.

- If the bone is small: need to bone less bone, you can use artificial materials instead of bone

Damage to the jaw bone (which will cause the hamster to grow old)

 Bone grafting techniques for dental implant at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Many years ago, with traditional techniques, when the bone was not able to implant, but with the improvement of modern methods and technology the implementation of bone implants to implant.

In Dentistry Center, this problem has been resolved and patients can completely implant the teeth as you want, so do not worry about the problem of bone loss with implanted teeth.

Especially at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic with Vo Van Nhan DDS.PhD, a leading implant specialist who has successfully performed many of the world's most successful implants  (Performing the two most difficult implant techniques on the One patient was a jaw bone implant and implants implanted in cheekbones and performed surgery for congenital anomalies)  

Sharing of Vo Van Nhan DDS.PhD about bone grafting SAFETY technique for dental implant

Implantation of teeth when bone is  more complicated than cases of implantation of conventional implants. By this time, the jaw is not enough volume as well as firmness to support the implant to help the implant firmly fixed on the jaw bone. Patients now need to undergo artificial bone or bone graft surgery and the complexity will increase according to the level of bone disposition of the patient.

The nature of the jaw bone implants is a complex and difficult technique that requires you to choose where to go with the following requirements: 

 A reputable dental center to perform implants

This is a relatively difficult dental technique and few dentures can do so, so to ensure the safety of your own health as well as the results of the successful transplant, you need to find out. Careful and selective dental implant dentistry most prestigious to implement.

 A team of highly skilled doctors

Bone implants must be well-trained and well-trained in the operation of the bone

 Quickly grow your teeth if you are missing teeth

In addition, to avoid the loss of teeth for a long period of bone loss, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic recommends that after the loss of teeth, dental implants should be restored as quickly as possible to avoid long bone loss. the tooth

 Always apply and update the best technology in the dental industry

With the new implant technology, patients are able to perform both bone grafting and implantation at the same time, without having to spend more time waiting for the implantation process. Implant.

Through the information that Nhan Tam Dental Clinic shared about the problem of "damage of jaw bone", hope to provide you more knowledge about the method of implant planting.


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