What is the difference between dental implants and porcelain crowns?

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Dental implants and porcelain teeth are all solutions to restore the teeth have lost a lot of people today. Today, please contact Dental Center to find out the difference between dental implant and dental porcelain.

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 Dental implants for people with missing teeth 

 What is the difference between dental implants and porcelain crowns?

To identify the difference between implantation and porcelain, let's analyze the following:



The technique is much simpler, and the dentist just grinds the teeth around the missing teeth to form a small pillar, then a row of bridges consisting of at least 3 porcelain teeth fixed to the crown and cover all missing teeth.

The method of dental restorations lost teeth


Doctors will use implant cylinders to place the inside of the jaw bone in place of the missing tooth root, which is equivalent to one root implant. When these implant cylinders are integrated into one another, the dental crown will be restorated on the implant shaft through the abutment joint, forming a complete tooth with sufficient ratchet teeth. And the crowns are identical to the structure of the real teeth.

Implant solution implant



With dental porcelain, the degree of restorative treatment only restores the crown on the gums to fit in the space that the crown actually left. The underlying bone cavity remains empty due to the real tooth loss that has not been compensated


Teeth Implant is the most comprehensive and optimal dental implant today, not only to restore the crown and also the root teeth are recreated inside the jaw bone because the implant is implanted directly into the jaw bone and porcelain mounted on top.



For the method of planting porcelain teeth is limited, it can only recover 1 or a few missing teeth in succession, not applicable to the case of excessive loss of teeth or full teeth.

Dental restorations with porcelain bridge solutions


Implant placement can be applied to all cases of missing teeth, ranging from missing teeth to multiple teeth or full jaw, loss of teeth or mouth teeth, Implant can be easily implanted. okay

Dental implants are the best dental implant solution today

 Should choose dental implants or porcelain crowns for missing teeth?

 Because they all have the general purpose of restoring teeth so many patients are wondering whether to choose to implant dental implants or porcelain teeth to restore teeth. However, to be able to bring good results as expected and long-term sustainability, we recommend that you choose the method of implant planting to implement.

 Teeth Techniques Implant is full of crowns and crowns are banned deep into the jaw bone, so that the jaw bone has fixed grip, filling the jaw bone is full and did not go to cause shrinkage Bones and gums, so that the teeth are permanently held firmly, making the life expectancy of the teeth permanent if the patient is properly cared for.

 No matter which method you choose, it should be done at reputable dental clinics. In Vietnam, you should go to Nhan Tam Dental Center, to get the best service and get the best results.

Nhan Tam Center, the leading implant center in Vietnam

 Human Heart convergence of top doctors in the field of implants. They are all well-versed in implant transplantation techniques because of their extensive study and intensive training abroad. In addition, doctors have successfully implanted many dental implants, bringing the effect of the ciao, so experienced practical, precise operation, ingenious.

 Nhat Tam dentistry is also pioneering in the application of 3D technology in dental implantation. Patients will be filmed with digital CT scanner system CT 3D ConeBeam, Panorex, ... to accurately determine the status, level of tooth loss, from which to plan a specific treatment. In addition, for implantation results as desired, doctors also use software that assumes implant placement, and implantation of the implant by Scan 3D software and dental porcelain is made through 3D CAD / CAM technology.

 To Nhan Tam, all your questions will be answered in detail, specific, clear. Implant teeth after planting will have the most appropriate warranty.

Hopefully this information has helped you know which dental implants implant beautiful and safe today. If you have any questions, please contact us below.


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