Implant and problems should be avoided

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Implant is the most advanced and effective solution to overcome the case of tooth loss. However, implantation is a difficult technique, requiring doctors to be skilled in combination with the support of modern equipment can bring about results.

 The case should implant implant

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Implant placement should follow the dentist's instructions

When a tooth loses a tooth, the patient will have difficulty eating chewing gum, loss of confidence in communication, loss of teeth for a long time will result in bone loss, when the bone is destroyed too much will lead to love. facial deformities (cheeks recoiled, wrinkled skin, ...).

If you are experiencing this condition, patients should seek early treatment to avoid complications. Currently implant dental implant technology is an advanced solution to overcome the loss of teeth, avoid bone loss.

  Dental implant advice

 Implantation of a dental implant is a relatively complicated surgical procedure that implements a replacement implant for a real tooth root. The prosthetic crowns will then be implanted into an implant that resembles real teeth.

 An implanted dental implant that fails to follow the procedure and technique will lead to serious risks and complications. That is why choosing a good dentist is very important when you want to grow an implant.

 The doctor determines the success of a dental implants implant. You need to have the most basic knowledge about this technique, so be sure to research through reliable sources of reputable dentist dental implants.

The doctor determines the success of a dental implants implant

 Implant implants are not used in some cases, such as people with hemophilia, mental disorders, severe tobacco dependence, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure ... So if you want implant implants, patients You should come to the dentist directly and the doctor will give you a consultation and consultation.

If your real teeth have been lost for a long time, your jaw bone is drained, your doctor will perform a bone implant, a sinus lift before implant surgery.

 In order to have a successful dental implantation process, in addition to the skilled elements of the physician, is also affected by other factors such as implementation techniques and the patient's care process during the period of integrative bone replacement. minor surgery.

 Advice after dental implant

Implant implant is a very important moment, because now the new implant is very weak, very vulnerable if it is affected. In the immediate post-transplant period, it is difficult to avoid the pain, so you need to eat cold, ice cold, etc., which will allow the blood clots around the implant to form. Reduce bleeding, reduce swelling, relieve pain and heal wounds.

 Absolutely no smoking

In cigarette smoke containing carbon monoxide, a toxic gas, when entering the blood, limits the amount of oxygen available to the surrounding tissues.

Absolutely no smoking, alcohol after planting implant teeth

In the process of smoking, it is possible to break, or break the clot formed around the implant, causing direct damage to the teeth. For smokers, stop smoking for about 2 weeks.

 Overcome swelling, soreness

If swollen and sore feeling is present, take a cold stone outside the implants to reduce the pain. On the second day you should use a warm towel outside to help dissolve the hematoma.

 Do not spit

The first day after planting implant teeth, you will have unpleasant feelings entangled. But this feeling will not last for too long. During this time, you should not spit, which will have a direct effect on the new implant.

 Avoid hard, hot or cold foods

In the first hour or so after implantation, you should minimize the amount of hard, hot or cold food or temperature fluctuations, so eat soft foods and eat slowly to get used to new teeth.

After the first week, you can let the porcelain get used to the other foods. But you should limit the food too hard, or too hot, too cold. And absolutely do not smoke and drink alcohol.

 Clean oral hygiene

You should use specialized brushes for new implants. Good oral hygiene is required to avoid any dental problems and to directly influence new teeth.

Make sure your mouth is clean and healthy

 Absolutely no grinding teeth when sleeping

This is a problem that doctors are most concerned about, because the habit of grinding teeth when sleeping will cause the implanted new implants can be hurt, endangering the patient.

 Periodic examination

Periodontal examination after implantation of a dental implant to the doctor to monitor the state of dental health 

Make periodic appointments as directed by your doctor to ensure that your implant teeth are in the best condition. If abnormalities are detected, see your doctor so that you can correct any unexpected problems.

Successful implant placement requires a number of factors. In particular, the dental care of patients before and after transplant play a very important role. So you should listen to the doctor's advice for healthy teeth.


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