Hip bone graft for dental implant

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Bone grafting is a common support technique for dental implants. Materials include artificial materials and self. However, in cases of severe bone loss, large bone volume, the pelvic bone is the preferred choice.

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Bone grafting is a common support technique for dental implants

Pelvic bones are the tip of the curved bone at the top of the pelvic bone, which makes up the protruding bones of the hip and is the highest of the pelvic bones. Prosthodontic bones are chosen because:

 Pelvic bone reconstruction is a widely used technique and is successful in restoring bone defects, safe for the patient.

 The bone volume is ideal in most cases for bone grafts.

 Quick healing time.

Please refer to the case of pelvic bones and dental implant implants are performed at the Center of Human Implants

Doctors: Doctor, Doctor Vo Van Nhan 
Patient: T.Đ.S.S 
Year of birth: 1960 
Gender: Male

General health status: osteoporosis, smoking 20 cigarettes / day

Oral health status:

- Upper jaw: loss of the entire tooth, leaving only two molars in the same on each side, periodontitis most severe bone loss is the area of ​​the front teeth.

- Lower jaw: missing teeth on each side

The above indicators show that the incisors are severe bone loss.

Patient's request:

- Fixed restoration.

- Have a temporary function while waiting for the official restoration

- No bone or animal bone

- Duration: 4 months

The patient's needs and oral health as well as general health conditions are challenging for us to find the ideal treatment.

Treatment plan:

- Sinus lift, bone graft, 6 implant at the same time. Immediate high initial implant placement and fixed implant fixation on the implant.

- 2 Mini implant to support temporary teeth during restoration fixed.

- Take the bones of the body (the bones of the serpentine).

- Control oral hygiene and antibiotic prophylaxis.

During the fixed restoration period, a removable jaw will be provided so that the patient does not become vacant. At this time, the mini implant acts as temporary prosthetic support.

In the meantime, we will always check the development of bone grafts by X-ray film for prevention and timely treatment of osteoporosis if available.

Evaluation after treatment:

Although this is a complicated case, we have been successful thanks to the experience of the doctor as well as the help of modern equipment. The results of the treatment received patient satisfaction is a great encouragement to us.

- General health: patients recover quickly

- Bone grafts are well integrated

Implant is transplanted in the right direction and position

- Teeth on implant close, color and shape harmonious, good eating function

- No complications during treatment

- Complete treatment on time


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