The difference between dental implant and traditional restorative solutions

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Implant dentures or removable dentures, fixed porcelain bridges can improve the state of tooth loss. However, to choose an effective restoration solution, maintain a chewing function and aesthetic aesthetics is a matter of concern.

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 The case should implant implant

Dental implants are considered as a modern dental restoration solution that has the most outstanding advantages in dental history. These advantages have not previously had a traditional solution to bring. Nhan Tam dentistry will compare, analyze and differentiate between traditional solutions and dental implants for patients to have a more general view. 

The first difference is that the implant is completely non-invasive dental teeth. Unlike porcelain toothpastes, patients are required to grind some real teeth next to the pillars to support the porcelain bridges. This process will inevitably affect the health of the teeth, most cases of dental grinding dental porcelain must be treated marrow, and bridges that also exist for only about 5-10 years. Grinding teeth can not survive permanently on the jaw, and over time it will be damaged and repaired.

Porcelain crowns need to be polished

With dental implant solution, one or more prosthetic patients are fully preserved. The implant procedure is safe, painless and does not invade any real teeth that are superior to conventional solutions. After implants are implanted into the jawbone, replacing the missing teeth and restoring the permanent teeth on the implant, implant dentures are solid, independent, fully meet the functional chewing and aesthetics. . This is also the reason elderly patients with tooth loss today often choose implant replacement dentures as removable as before. Removable dentures are not only loose, inconvenient, but also can not give good chewing force like implant teeth.

The next difference, that is the implantation of dental implants prevent the bone. This is considered the most outstanding advantages that implant teeth bring. The implant is implanted in the jawbone, firmly fixed in the jawbone and acts as a real root. The jaw is stimulated regularly and the density is stable. For fixed denture or removable denture can not prevent bone loss. This is because these solutions only restore the missing crown, the underlying bone cavity remains empty due to the real root lost without compensation.

For fixed porcelain dental implants, they can only be maintained for a short period of time and then restored to cost, time, and life of the patient. The condition of the bone that is going to make your face distorted, the external appearance is greatly affected, the people who are osteoporosis will usually be older than the real age. In the meantime, implantation of the implant can be done only once, combined with careful dental care and science, the implant can survive permanently without restoration. Sturdy implant dentures, preventing jaw bone loss, help the patient retain his or her original appearance.

Implant placement prevent bone loss

Another difference is that implant costs are much higher than traditional solutions. However, if you count the science, investing the cost of implanting dental implants is still beneficial for your overall health and quality of life.

Healthy teeth and radiant smile are invaluable assets to everyone, so choosing an effective solution to restore teeth when losing teeth is very important. With the knowledge that Nhan Tam shared, hopefully you will have a more objective and comprehensive view to choose a solution that best suits the loss of teeth. 


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