Success factors in dental implant

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic - Dental Implant is considered one of the most modern dental restorations in the dental industry today. What are the key success factors in dental implant? According to Dr., Dr. Vo Van Nhan: The success of implant treatment is determined by many factors, the success of this stage is related to another stage. In addition to the professional doctors need to have a team of skilled technicians to create beautiful and accurate restoration.

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Doctor, Dr. Vo Van Nhan successfully performed implants for cheekbones for Ms. Ngoc Linh

The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's condition

Factors related to Diagnosis and Treatment of Implant

- Assess your oral health and general health

- Develop accurate treatment plans

- Exclude from the beginning factors, risks can affect the results of treatment

- Assess the quality and quantity of bone as well as the type of bone graft

- Determine the right size and number of implants at least that bring the highest efficiency

- Place the implant in the direction and ideally positioned 

Not only implant transplant but implant prosthesis is also a treatment stage with many complicated techniques. Implant prostheses must be fitted closely from the ribs and porcelain test. If the prosthesis does not reach the required tightness, inflammation around the implant can occur. Once the infection around the implant, the risk of osteoporosis is very high.


Inlab Software - 3D

The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's condition

Factors related to Lab

Based on the specs provided by the dentist, Lab technicians are required to fabricate correct prostheses, surgeries and implant restorative principles, to ensure the biophysical factor. This is important because the chewing force is not properly distributed and will overload the implant. As a result, the porcelain is broken or the implant is loose. The more severe the implant will break the implant.


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