The procedure for implant placement at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Students from the United Kingdom have the opportunity to observe three-dimensional bone grafting techniques, sinus surgery and sinus implantation with implant implants under the guidance of Dr. Vo Van Nhan.

 Implant at Nhat Tam Dental - Value 5 stars

 Why implant implant

To complete the academic program and become a dentist at King's College - one of the UK's oldest and most prestigious schools, students must choose a dental clinic or center. The world is dedicated to practical learning in order to equip practical knowledge and clinical experience. For 3 consecutive years, Nhat Tam Dental (Vietnam) has received many dental students from the UK to study.

Priyam Patel is performing a procedure in implant surgery under the guidance of Dr. Dr. Vo Van Nhan in August/2016.

Priyam Patel - one of the students of King's College London shared, he chose to study at Nhat Tam Dental Center because of the good comments of the students in the course in implant intensive techniques under the direct guidance of the doctor. , Doctor Vo Van Nhan. "The unique clinical cases that Dr. Vo Van Nhan has successfully treated really attracted me," added Priyam Patel.

In this practical program, Dr. Vo Van Nhan (Director of Nhan Tam Dental Center) directly instructs and facilitates students of King's College London to observe procedures in surgery. and access to complex implant transplant clinics: 3-D bone grafts, sinus surgery and sinus constrictor implants.

Alexander is performing a procedure in implant surgery under the guidance of Dr. Dr. Vo Van Nhan in 2015

Priyam said he and his friends rarely had the chance to be directly exposed to such complex surgery. At Nhan Tam Dentistry, male students have gained much experience when participating in surgical implant implant under the guidance of doctor, Dr. Vo Van Nhan. 

Bhavina Bhudia - a student who is also practicing in Vietnam, said: "We do not think we are lucky to see such surgery directly, and our questions are answered by Dr. Nhan. Very scientific and dedicated. "

Prior to that, in 2014, King's College London student was Dr Dr. Dr. Vo Van Nhan's guide to surgery of lower jaw nerve implants

Besides learning, research, young people also have the opportunity to learn more about culture, tourism, and people of Vietnam.

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