Implantation process

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Implant implants are the solution to lost teeth, many experts recommend. This is a new step in the dental industry in the world. Before deciding whether to implement this solution or not, you should first investigate implantation procedures for a more general look.

 Instant implant placement procedure at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

How does implant placement work?

At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, dental implants are made according to European standards. With a team of doctors with many years of experience, well trained, in-country and abroad combined with modern machinery and equipment, the process of implantation in dentistry will take place. Specific, professional as follows:



General examination and direct counseling

Pre-consultation counseling: Get  staff to collect some information about medical history and dental history of the patient.


X-ray 3D Cone Beam and Panorex Surface X-ray film

This doctor will get:  3-dimensional images of the jaw.


- Assess the quality and quantity of bone.

- Know the ideal implant placement.

- Increase the safety level with maximum accuracy in placing the implant to avoid errors when not in the right direction.

- Check the tightness of implant prosthesis.

- Shorten treatment time.

- Determine the size, length, depth and width of the jaw bone tissue that are suitable for the implant or not to plan effective treatments.


Image analysis and feedback

Through image analysis, physicians will identify cases to provide feedback to clients. There are usually two cases:

 Full volume of bone and gums

Full bones and thick gums are favorable factors for good prognosis. Eligible Necessary to Implant.

 Lack of bone and gum volume

Solution:  In case of lack of bones or gums need to graft supplement two types of tissue to ensure that there are 2mm bone covering the implant and gum tissue at least 1.1mm thick and must have gingival rhinitis.

Bone Grafts:  Until now, the patient's real bone is still the best material because it contains growth factors that heal quickly, have live bone cells, and limit the possibility of reactive excretion. In some cases, however, artificial bone may be used.


Get a sample of the jaw and place the implant placement in the ideal position for each case

Get a sample of the jaw:  To get specific information about the dental condition of the customer.

Assumptions for implant placement:  Bone analysis and implant placement assumptions on specialized software.


Make a treatment plan

Consultation on planting methods of implants to suit the condition of teeth, jaw and time conditions, costs of customers, as well as explain to customers related questions.


Implant implant

Before Implant Surgery:

- Oral hygiene, removal of plaque, inflammatory periodontal treatment if available.

Use oral rinsing liquid containing chlohexidine.

- Take antibiotic prophylaxis.

When Implant Surgery:

- Anesthesia or anesthesia.

- Remove the gums and drill holes on the jaw and put the Implant cylinder.

- Dental implant to ensure dental aesthetics will stick teeth temporarily for you while waiting for dental porcelain.

After Implant Surgery:

- Continue to use mouthwash containing chlohexidine.

- Check your doctor for a follow-up visit.

- Eat soft foods while waiting for the implant to stabilize in the bone and temporary teeth.


Manufacture of dental porcelain

Many kinds of porcelain teeth:  Currently, there are many kinds of porcelain teeth suitable for the price and aesthetics to give patients more choices.

Meet the technical requirements:  As finishing lines, ribs, colors, shape of teeth.

Strict adherence to procedures:  Any dental porcelain products that do not meet the requirements of quality and aesthetics will be removed and remade from the first stage.


Perform dental restorations on implants

This is the last and most important step because it is harder and more complicated than normal dental restorations. Failure to do so will cause harm such as:

- bad breath

- Gingivitis.

- If more severe conditions will cause inflammation around the implant leading to implant loss.

Once the implant is complete, your doctor will advise you on how to take care of your teeth at home, and schedule a follow-up visit to check for bone integrity as well as take timely action if any. what happens

With standard implant planting procedures, good team of doctors, long-term warranty, patients can be assured when implant planting in Dental Center . Efficiency has been proven by the results as well as the feedback of hundreds of customers.

If you are in need of implant implants to improve aesthetics as well as rehabilitation of teeth effectively and safely, please contact the following information:


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