Periodontal disease and treatment

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Periodontal disease is actually a disease of the surrounding tissues. This is the main cause of tooth loss, affecting health and aesthetics. Need to understand the knowledge of periodontal disease to prevent as well as timely treatment, reduce the risk of tooth loss.

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 Periodontal disease and systemic disease

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is an organization around the teeth, which includes: alveolar bone, ligaments and gums that support and keep the teeth firm and fixed in the jaw. The gum tissue will cover the teeth to protect the sensitive tissues below, helping prevent bacteria from entering and damaging the teeth.

Periodontitis starts from the gums spread to the structures of the underlying periodontal tissue, recedes the gums, destroys the alveolar bone, and forms a periodontal pouch. In spite of these manifestations, periodontal inflammation can have serious consequences: the teeth will gradually weaken, and the chewing function will decrease, affecting the temporomandibular joints as well as the health. of the human body.

The teeth of a patient with severe periodontitis

To recognize periodontitis, you can rely on the following symptoms:

  gums bleed due to any impact as when brushing teeth, solid food, ...

 The gums become inflamed and swollen red tissue ulcers and interests have become loose without adhesive on the tooth as normal.

Wear a lot of plaque around the crown.

 Teeth become loose and gradually sparse.

Bad breath occurs.

Periodontal disease agents

The plaque builds up bacteria in the teeth and around the teeth causing gum inflammation. Over time, hardening plaque builds up the tartar. From gum inflammation to periodontitis, harmful bacteria in the plaque damage the bone supporting the teeth, leading to bone loss, tooth decay and the risk of tooth loss starting from there.

According to TS.B.S. Vo Van Nhan, Director of Nhan Tam Dental Department, there are several factors that alter the response of the gums to plaque or tartar, thus altering the body's response to dental disease. Stress and disease, such as smoking, diabetes, stress, grinding teeth, pregnancy, puberty, diet and nutrition, immune system disorders.

The course of periodontal disease

How to treat periodontal disease

 Periodontitis: The doctor will remove the plaque on the teeth, instructing the customer how to care for the teeth. This method will be maintained regularly combined with dental visits to closely monitor the progression of periodontal inflammation and the direction of prompt treatment next.

 Stage of developing disease: At this stage, depending on the case where the doctor will specify the appropriate treatment method. Often the patient will be given a bone marrow filler, preventing bacteria from entering and destroying the root, helping to preserve the teeth. Patients will also be prescribed dental restorations if required.

 The period of severe periodontitis is loss of teeth: This is the most serious stage of periodontal inflammation. At this stage, if the tooth can not be preserved anymore, the doctor will specify the extraction and implant surgery implant, the restoration of missing teeth.

To prevent periodontal disease, Dr. Vo Van Nhan recommends that you go to the dental clinic regularly every 3-6 months to visit and get clean tartar, plaque in places where the brush does not clean. Tingling will help you prevent periodontal disease, clean teeth, beautiful shadows, and more confident in daily communication.

Why Should You Choose Periodontal Care At Dental Mind?

With more than 20 years of operation, Nhan Tam Dental Center is proud to be one of the prestigious dental centers, bringing smiles to customers inside and outside the country. This is because:

 A team of experienced doctors, experienced in foreign countries.

 Modern machines and equipment are imported directly from European countries.

 Advanced periodontal care technology is transferred to Nhan Tam Dental Center through rigorous quality control.

 Good care, there are shuttles in the car, moreover the warranty for customers after treatment.

Hopefully the information above will help you know more about periodontal disease and how to treat it. If you still have any questions, please contact NHK Center for the best support.


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