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Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

A beautiful smile and full of confidence is the wish of those who unfortunately have dark teeth. To achieve this, whitening is one of the top solutions, helping to improve the smile most effectively. However, whitening teeth how, where, whitening price is still much disturbed by many people.

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According to TS.BS Vo Van Nhan: There are two ways to whiten teeth that are whitening at the clinic and whitening at home . For periodontal bleaching, the duration of treatment is very short with laser, usually for patients who have had bleaching teeth or when not having much time. If your teeth are darker in color, your dentist will advise you to choose a bleach solution at home because you have 7 to 10 nights.

Whitening at home

The method of teeth whitening at home is very simple. The doctor will make a toothpick based on each person's teeth. This tray is made of soft plastic, without any damage to the gums. The toothbrush is only for one person because each person's tooth pattern is different. Every night, after oral hygiene clean your wearing bleach trough.

Concentrations when used to whiten teeth at home usually range from 10 to 15%. The doctor will take the mold and give the patient a plastic gutter fit in with two teeth. The medicine is put into the gutters, then bring the gutters every night 2h - 3h. You can also wear the gourd for longer because the effect of the drug is longer. The exposed teeth will become white after 2 to 3 days, however it takes time to whiten teeth at home for 7 days to maintain permanent teeth color. The gutters should fit properly, not gums, causing pain, scratching the mouth. The bleach should be moderate so that it does not overflow to the gums.

If you do not comply with your doctor's requirements, using non-originating, non-quality bleach, you will experience complications such as loss of teeth, tooth loss.

The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's condition

>>>  Attention to whitening at home             

 If the teeth are pathological, doctors will conduct radical treatment and then proceed to whitening. That means that teeth whitening must be a healthy teeth.

Consider before bleaching because after completion you will have to take care of teeth more thoroughly than the original. The whiteness after bleaching in each person will be different, no one like, if you look after carefully, after about 3 years the teeth will return to normal color as the time unblanched.

Do not buy self-medication in many places and self-bleaching. Whitening teeth is a technique that is not complicated, easy to implement but if not indicated by the doctor should not do it yourself, will cause unpredictable complications.

Whitening Laser Whitening at the clinic

In the range of superior dental aesthetics, Laser Whitening is rated by whitening experts for optimal results. This method has been certified by the French Dental Association for the quality, effectiveness and safety of the body with the following advantages:

 Laser Whitening Teeth Whitening works on the integration of beam laser wavelengths, with the ability to increase the rate of bleaching molecules that penetrate deeply into tooth enamel, which can be applied effectively. many cases.

Laser Whitening utilizes redox reactions, which release pure oxygen, which breaks off the colored protein chains in the teeth, returning the original whitish color, for a short period of time. After about 10 minutes of whitening at the dental clinic, the brightness level of the teeth is improved compared to the old one.

 The laser technology of the technology is created by quantum mechanical effects, so the amount of heat generated is minimal, very safe for the patient, completely different from the way the light is generated by heating the metal hairs. .

Laser Whitening Teeth Whitening

 Laser is pH = 7 neutral so it does not harm the enamel surface, bleaching process only change the color of the teeth, does not change the structure of the teeth, and the process does not cause pain or sensitivity for the disease. human.

Bleach used in bleaching Whitening technology when used to show no signs of allergies or complications. Permissible levels of the drug are recognized by the World Health Organization as safe for human health.

 Laser Whitening is a modern French technology, which works by activating molecules to whiten and add fluoride under the deep penetration of laser waves, resulting in many times superior results.

Laser Whitening maintains white light up to about 5 years. If you know how to take care of your dental health and your diet, then this effect may be even longer.

What is the cost of teeth whitening in Nhan Tam Dental Clinic?

In fact, dental bleaching costs a great deal of difference between dental centers. According to experts, this is very normal because the cost will depend on the condition of the tooth color, the workmanship of the doctor as well as the bleaching technology applied. According to the experts, you should note the cost comparison with the quality of service received to have the correct choice as well as the results of teeth whitening most satisfied. Here is a price list for teeth whitening at Nhat Tam Dental Clinic.

Nhat Tam Dental Clinic has been a trusted place to be selected by domestic and foreign customers with the following advantages:

 Good team of doctors, experienced in the profession.

 Modern machinery and equipment, support the best treatment process.

 Teeth whitening is performed in a sterile environment.

 Post-treatment care is also given special attention so that it can provide comfort and comfort for patients and clients.

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