Should one tooth grow porcelain or implants implant?

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Dental implants or implant implants are methods that can restore lost teeth. However, choosing the best solution to cure chewing, aesthetics, and long-lasting effects remains a concern of most patients.

 Gingivitis - Causes and treatment

The consequences of tooth loss make chewing weaker, affecting pronunciation, communication. Both dental implants and implant implants can respond to tooth loss. Less than a year ago, porcelain bridges, also known as porcelain toothpastes, were the preferred method of choice. It became popular and was the only option when teeth were lost. To date implant implant has become a top choice because of its great advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method of planting porcelain teeth

Porcelain tooth restoration is a method of restoring lost teeth by bridging the two missing teeth. Each bridge consists of two crowns attached to the two missing teeth and dentures located between the two crowns.

The dental porcelain brings a new look to the teeth

In terms of advantages, the solution to make dental porcelain bring a new look for teeth, the teeth are sure, both beautiful in color and shape as real teeth. Porcelain dental restorations need only a few appointments, and porcelain teeth provide the same chewing function as real teeth. Moreover, the cost is much lower than implants.

However, the disadvantage of planting porcelain teeth is a matter of concern, both in the immediate and long term. To perform bridge work, it is mandatory to grind two real teeth next to, create new crowns. Two real teeth next to missing teeth will inevitably be affected when sharpened and will weaken over time. In addition, in the long run, complete bone loss can occur at the site of loss of teeth, then lead to gingival drop, porcelain bridges become loose, easy to hurt when eating chewing and communication.

Even two adjacent real teeth are at risk of deterioration, and then weaken the jaw bone. The position of missing teeth is severely damaged, affecting the aesthetic appearance of the face, making you look older than you are. real age

The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's physical condition

Advantages of Implant Implants

In contrast to dental implantation, implant implants provide a long-lasting, non-invasive dental restorative that does not affect the gums, pulp and adjacent teeth. This is considered to be one of the greatest scientific achievements in dental history, helping to restore the lost teeth in aesthetic and functional way.

Dental implants are actually Titanium cylinders implanted into the jaw bone that replace the missing teeth, which function as support for crowns, bridges or dentures. After insertion of the implant head into the jaw bone, a crown of dental crowns will be attached to the top, complete the restoration.

Implant is the most advanced dental restorative solution today

The biggest advantage of implant implants is that it ensures stable operation in the jaw as well as around the teeth, keeping the teeth stable and permanently stable. Even with cases of bone loss, gum loss due to tooth loss or dental bridge but not retain the bone, implant implant solution can restore the aesthetic beauty and chewing function. forever.

Possessing these great advantages should implant implants have a very high cost. This is also a limitation of this method. However, in general, the results that the implant brings is completely worth it. Long-term, the health effects as well as the cost of performing dental restorations, grafting bone grafts ... implants implant from the beginning is still the smartest choice.

The choice of how to grow a denture will depend on the specific dental condition as well as the economic condition of each patient. Therefore, it is best to go directly to a reputable dentist for a doctor's visit and advise on the method that is best for you.

Over 20 years of experience in the field, especially the field of denture restoration has lost teeth, Nhan Tam Dental Center is proud to be a dental center is a lot of customers choose.

Nhan Tam dentistry brings together a team of well-qualified doctors with high skills and experience. Not only direct examination and treatment for each patient, doctors also have the ability to handle sensitive, accurate every situation. The person who implanted the implant in Nhan Tam is Dr. Vo Van Nhan , one of the first Vietnamese doctors to perform implants. He is also one of the four doctors in the world performing the two most difficult implant techniques (implantation of the jaw nerve and implants implant on the implant) in the same patient and many cases. Other complex implants.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan is implanting implants at Nhat Tam Dental Clinic

In addition, the dentistry is fully equipped with modern machinery; The procedure is strictly regulated by the Ministry of Health, ensuring absolute sterility, ... help the tooth restoration is convenient and achieve the desired effect.

When there is a need to grow a denture to restore the missing teeth, please visit the Dental Center for free consultation and consultation doctors completely free.


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