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Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Yellow teeth make the smile makes you lose confidence in life and work. The super-fast whitening treatment at the clinic is a great way to return your bright white teeth and radiant smile.

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 Periodontal disease and treatment

Teeth whitening is a technology recommended for all cases of white teeth, beautiful and radiant. This is actually the oxidation of yellow stains on the teeth by chemical compounds.

According to Dr., Dr. Vo Van Nhan: Teeth whitening at the clinic with very short time by laser is usually applied to patients who have ever bleached teeth or when you do not have time. If your teeth are darker in color than usual, your doctor will advise you to choose a home remedies treatment for 7 to 10 nights.

Whitening Whitening Laser Whitening

In the range of superior dental aesthetics, Laser Whitening is rated by whitening experts for optimal results. This is the method approved by the French Dental Association for quality, effectiveness and safety for the body with the following advantages:

 Laser Whitening Teeth Whitening works on the integration of beam laser wavelengths, with the ability to increase the rate of bleaching molecules that penetrate deeply into tooth enamel, which can be applied effectively. many cases.

 Laser Whitening utilizes redox reactions, which release pure oxygen, which breaks off the colored protein chains in the teeth, returning the original whitish color, for a short period of time. After about 10 'whitening at the dental clinic, the brightness level of the teeth is improved compared to the old one.

 The laser technology of the technology is created by quantum mechanical effects, so the amount of heat generated is minimal for the patient, completely different from the way the light is produced by heating the metal hair.

 Laser is pH = 7 neutral so it does not harm the enamel surface, bleaching process only change the color of the teeth, does not change the structure of the teeth, and the process does not cause pain or sensitivity for the disease. human.

 Bleach used in bleaching Whitening technology when used to show no signs of allergies or complications. Permissible levels of the drug are recognized by the World Health Organization as safe for human health.

 Laser Whitening is a modern French technology, which works by activating molecules to whiten and add fluoride under the deep penetration of laser waves, resulting in many times superior results.

 Laser Whitening maintains white light up to about 5 years. If you know how to take care of your dental health and your diet, then this effect may be even longer.

A safe, effective whitening process at Nhat Tam Dental Clinic

At Dental Center, to ensure the safety and effectiveness for customers, whitening procedures will always comply with the regulations of international technical agencies with the basic steps as follows:

1. Prepare before whitening

Before bleaching teeth, patients must clean their teeth and ensure oral health before bleaching to avoid excessive sensitivity during whitening.

- Check the condition of the teeth and resolve first if the teeth are deep, broken pieces are broken untreated.

- Patients will be tanned, polished teeth before whitening.

- Take pictures to compare the color before bleaching.

- Make a tooth seal.

2. Apply gel to protect the gums

Gingivitis gel will be applied to the contact area between the teeth and gums for the purpose of not damaging the gums during bleaching. The glaze and glaucoma treatment will be done 2-3 times during the whole procedure. The bleaching system will brighten your teeth within an hour.

3. Bleaching gel

Once the tooth surfaces have been cleaned and the gum and gums protected, the patient will be covered with a 2 mm thick bleaching gel with a brush. This procedure is repeated twice. Each tooth will be bleached regularly 3 times, helping your teeth whiten naturally.

4. Cleaning after bleaching

After the gel is over, the patient will be cleaned with a whitening gel, re-polished with diamond powder, and matched with the color of the teeth after bleaching.

At the end of the procedure, super bleaching at the clinic, the doctor will give advice as well as the requirements for effective whitening and follow up after 3 days to check.

With outstanding advantages in terms of expertise, facilities, professional quality services, advanced equipment and machinery ... Nhan Tam Dental Clinic will surely make you satisfied when doing whitening.

 The team of experienced doctors, skilled professionals, certified practice, dedicated and thoughtful, make you really satisfied with the teeth after bleaching.

 The procedure of teeth whitening is done in accordance with the technology transfer from the world's leading dental clinics and strict compliance with the regulations of medical institutions, bring the best results, help customers own bright white teeth with a bright smile.

 Use of quality bleach, FDA certified safety, do not affect dental health or harm to enamel. The combination of modern blue laser light, which has been regulated by the intensity of the operation to shorten the time taken, but brings a higher efficiency and does not invade the structure of teeth.

 Each client will be provided with a separate dental chair, as well as a separate kit to ensure sterility, avoiding cross contamination.

Nhan Tam dentistry not only updates and applies the most advanced bleaching technologies available today, but also offers many other services such as: dental implant with modern implant technology, orthodontic braces, Fine, ... with the desire to bring you a good teeth, beautiful white light. Customers need and want to find out more about the service please come to our dentist for the best support.


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