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Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Cẩm

Many parents do not understand why their children from 1-3 years are more likely to have multiple tooth decay in upper teeth and upper jaw; And few people know that the cause of multiple tooth decay is because the baby has a habit of bottle feeding for a long time that oral hygiene is poor.

 8 basic principles in the care of children's teeth

 Signs are not good on baby teeth

Cause of baby bottle tooth decay

Tooth-feeding can occur in children who have a habit of bottle-feeding, or are eating in the mouth of sugary liquids such as sugary milk, fruit juices, and soft drinks. Children who have a habit of snacking on milk bottles or sugar drinks before bedtime will make the sugar ferment into acid, attacking enamel damage enamel, causing long-lasting tooth decay, especially Teeth teeth in upper jaw and lower jaw.

Normal tooth decay occurs in children with bottle-feeding habits

Keep your baby's oral hygiene clean by brushing

At night, children usually sleep for about 8-10 hours, this time only a little amount of saliva is secreted, so under the effect of sugar from the milk or sweet substances will settle on. The tooth will destroy enamel resulting in tooth decay.

In the oral environment, there are always available resident bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans that will use sugars found in the food left in the mouth, then fermented into acid destroying the yeast and attacking the tooth.

How does baby bottle tooth decay affect permanent teeth?

If the child has a habit of bottle feeding for a long time but not thoroughly clean the teeth will be missing minerals or appear many deep holes on the teeth, if not timely intervention and treatment. As a result, the baby's front teeth often have large cavities or large white patches, which then turn black or enamel can be completely destroyed to form deep holes.

Young children have a habit of long-term drinking if not thoroughly clean the teeth will be missing minerals or appear many deep holes on the teeth.

The glaze and ivory of the tooth is very thin, long tooth decay if not treated and early prevention will cause the child pain and difficulty in eating chewing, learning and affect the aesthetic ... Case Excessive tooth decay can cause an infection that requires tooth extraction, sometimes affecting the underlying tooth roots permanently or affecting general health, which can sometimes cause sepsis.

If you have to prematurely spit the teeth, the permanent teeth that grow later will deviate to affect chewing, pronunciation and aesthetics.

How do you prevent baby bottle tooth decay?

The American Dentistry Association has issued a number of guidelines for preventing tooth decay:

- Do not let your child go to sleep with a bottle of milk, juice or soft drink in the mouth, if the baby has a habit of bottle feeding, only to hold the water filter and take out when the baby was sleeping.

- Should breastfeeding or bottle feeding, drink milk at the main meal, do not practice for the baby to have a bottle of milk to run around or play milk bottle when sleeping.

- When the baby is 1 year old, it is recommended that children drink milk from the glass as soon as possible. Because when you drink milk from a glass, your baby will not have the habit of sucking milk in the mouth so the sugar in milk will not stick to the teeth.

- Keep your baby's oral hygiene clean by brushing your teeth, drinking water after using milk or gauze to clean your baby's teeth after each meal or milk.

- If the baby needs to sleep with a nipple, especially at night, the baby should drink clean water, restrict the use of sugary drinks.

- Practice regular dental checkups every 6 months or once per year, to detect new teeth that are deeply wormed and properly instructed how to take care of their teeth.

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