All on 4 dental implants - The most solution for elderly

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Cẩm

All on 4 implant provides the patient with a complete denture with four implant cylinders. This is also a solution to save money while still having beautiful teeth, satisfying aesthetics and functional chewing.

 Dental implants for the elderly

 Oral health care for the elderly

All on 4 dental implants

Clinical studies show that the success rate of Implant All on 4 is up to 98%. Nhan Tam dentistry implanted this technique with thousands of patients, mostly elderly patients. 

The denture will be fixed at a certain angle to increase contact, acting as a support bone naturally. The majority of treatment with All-on-4 does not require any more bone grafting or correction, shorter duration of treatment, less pain and cost savings than implantation of theentire implant . If implants are implanted for each tooth, patients will have to bear very high costs while waiting for recovery time, imlant compatible with bone loss also a lot, but with Implant All on 4, time to get the jaw Fixed teeth are greatly shortened.

Patients implant dental implant all on 4 at Nhat Tam Dental Clinic

Teeth on All is a new technique developed by Nobel Biocare (the famous implant company in Germany). This technique is based on four implants for implantation, in which two implant centers are implanted and the other two implants are implanted with lateral inclination up to 45 degrees, simultaneously with the support of the abutment support mounting screws. , is the fulcrum for porcelain teeth on the implant and connects to a sturdy structure, for 90% chewing power over the real teeth. With all on 4 restorative technique, the doctor helped restore the 4 implant to 12 teeth.

Implant All on 4, full denture restorations, providing a stable chewing ability for the elderly

Teeth on All 4 will help patients ensure that their chewing function and true aesthetics are raised significantly. All on 4 tooth decay is usually applied to cases of maxillary occlusion in the incisors. However, to determine the bone status, bone quality as well as bone density to implant all implanted on 4 requires a skilled physician, experienced in practical experience to decide. OK. Often bone regions without implanted perimeters will suffer from bone loss, so implantation of all on 4 will depend on the type of implant that is best suited to maintain a stable implant on the jaw.

With the implant technique All on 4 this patient will not need to be bone grafted, modified many implant implants, but the result is successful, only with 4 implants but the entire tooth loss will be. Restore, fix firmly on the jaw. Implant all on 4 helps millions of patients have a confident smile, radiant on the lips and not too concerned about the price or time restoration teeth.

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