Pregnancy gingivitis: more dangerous than expected

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For the first time in California, the United States has proven to be a case of premature death of mothers with gingivitis during pregnancy. Prior to this, gum disease in pregnant women was not particularly noticeable. People think that gingivitis in the mother can only lead to premature birth or low birth weight babies.

 Caring for pregnant mothers


Gingivitis in pregnant women will lead to many dangers

Research has also shown that the cause of death is the bacteria that cause gum disease in the mother that goes into the baby's blood. Doctors found in the child's blood type bacteria like the type found in the samples of plaque taken from the mother.

Previous tests have shown that oral bacteria called Fusobacterium nucleatum can cross the placental barrier in mice. Most likely, the same thing can happen in humans. According to the study's author Yiping Han at Case Western University in Ohio, the immune system can usually defeat these bacteria, but due to special conditions in the womb, the fetus is very susceptible. hurt. When it enters the bloodstream, bacteria can exist anywhere, including the placenta, which is very dependent on the body's immune system, such as the liver or spleen.

According to obstetricians, the results of this study are not a cause for panic in pregnant women as this is a rare case. However, this indicates that prevention of gingivitis is very necessary. And if a woman has bleeding teeth, it is essential to visit a dentist and it is best to cure before planning a pregnancy.

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