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Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Cẩm

A beautiful smile and straight teeth will make you sympathize with the opposite. Therefore, many people today choose the method of braces to improve their teeth so that they are both beautiful and beautiful. In addition to paying attention to how long braces last, many people are wondering how much braces.

 How long it takes to wear braces

 Aesthetic braces are effective at Nhan Tam dentistry

Where should the braces?

Nobody is born lucky to own a proper and beautiful teeth. So many people want braces but do not know how much money braces are reasonable. However, before you look at the braces, you should find out what your teeth are and are really suitable for orthodontic braces.

Here are some cases that will require braces to be good teeth soon:

 Braces when teeth grow crowded: With the teeth crowded, the orthodontist will have the means to spit out the teeth. However, with the advent of modern braces, you can quickly and accurately overcome this problem by limiting the number of teeth to be removed. of course. Having crowded teeth will make you lack confidence as well as cause harm to the opposite person so you go to braces immediately to be able to communicate confidently and make a good impression every time you export. present.

 Teeth mating or being sparse: Tooth decay or tooth loss in the past only the way to grow more dentures or dental fillings to not cause aesthetic. But today, there is a method of bracing sparse by pulling the teeth together. Although the price of braces is more expensive than braces braces, but this is the best and most effective dental solution for teeth today.

 Do open bite teeth need braces: Open bite is the condition of the teeth do not touch each other when the bite in the center. This condition not only makes it difficult for the chewing process, but it also damages the teeth that have been touching the joints since the teeth are strong. To avoid other serious side effects caused by open bite, you need to see a dentist for the treatment and the treatment that best suits you.

 Braces: Rheumatoid arthritis, also known as angular grade 2 malignancy. This condition occurs because the lower jaw develops slower than the upper jaw or because the upper jaw protrudes in front of the lower jaw or may be due to a combination of the two. To overcome this condition, you may have to remove the teeth and combine with orthodontic treatment through dental or dental fixation. Today, orthodontic technology is more widely used because this technology makes it easier for patients to clean their teeth during braces as well as with the transparency of the frame that makes it difficult for the person to have them. Be aware that you are orthodox.

How much do braces cost?

Currently, the price of braces in Nhan Tam Dental Center  will range from 30 to 102 million. In particular, the method most people choose is the traditional braces braces because this is a cost-saving method, but still effective. However, it does not hold a high aesthetic in the process of braces. Therefore, depending on the condition of the teeth also needs aesthetic and financial ability that you should consider choosing the method to suit yourself.

Specifically, the price list of Dental Braces Nhan Tam as follows:

Things to keep in mind while having braces

Prior to the braces, customers need to determine their oral health (teeth, molars, teeth, teeth ...). In the case of teeth, it is necessary to determine the cause, whether due to teeth or both teeth and jaw. If you have a problem with the lower jaw, it is essential to have a jaw surgery. Thus, the new cure brought the best effect.

Experts say braces are technically difficult in the dental profession, requiring specialized physicians to perform well, if not easily lead to unexpected incidents. It is especially important to evaluate the ability of the teeth to move to a standard position on the bones, so do not underestimate the advice of the physician.

Customers should be careful before the price of braces are too bargain as braces with costs from only 7 million VND or the price below 30 million VND, because cheap braces are often not quality assured.

If you have any questions or questions about braces how much money, or refer more about the cosmetic braces services in Nhan Tam Dental, contact the number 1900 56 5678 to get them. I offer free and most specific advice.



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