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Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Cẩm

Rag is one of the things that make people uncomfortable because when talking or laughing, the teeth that make you very bad luck. Rebirth can be due to heredity, congenital and dental caries can also be derived from the external impact that teeth have suffered since the beginning.

 Types of braces today

 Secrets of invisible braces are about to open!

Knowing the cause of tooth decay, you can help children prevent this type of bite dysfunction is very effective. Especially, the article will introduce you how to overcome and treat your teeth most effectively, giving you a smile of confidence, shine with white teeth are beautiful.

Mouth chewing directly affects chewing ability and aesthetics

What causes you to have dental condition?

There are two types  of mouth cavity  and crown . This is the classification that corresponds to the direct cause of the cry. That is, when the jaw develops too much or the teeth grow out of shape, the jawbone will lead to one of the two forms.

 For the reason why the teeth are rooted from the internal factors when the structure of the face formation and development. This is beyond our control.

 To the root of the tooth is derived from a lot of different reasons.

First of all, the teeth themselves grow out of the tooth, especially the front teeth. When they grow they have no direction parallel to the vertical but outward.

Teeth that are too large make the total length of the tooth width larger than that of the jaw. Then there is the phenomenon of teeth or to have to grow out, or grow cramped together to cause interference with the teeth.

The process of replacing teeth in disturbed and untimely children also leads to the condition of the teeth. Specifically, when the teeth fall prematurely without recovery, the other teeth move to narrow the area of ​​missing teeth. Therefore, when the permanent teeth do not grow enough space and have to grow splinter or grow outward deviation to cause teeth. This type of dental hypersensitivity is quite common.

The habit of sucking on the fingers for long periods of time causes the upper and lower teeth to collapse, causing the upper jaw to become so narrow that the inner jaw can cause an upward movement. Lower jaw develops normally.

Licking lips and mouth breathing is also a common cause of tooth decay due to accidental impact on the maxillary teeth. For a long time, the door teeth will be pushed out, up to create bite open and cause teeth.

Some cases of teeth

How to avoid chewing gum?

The development of the jawbone is governed by the genetic factors that cause the esophagus. Therefore, for the prevention of osteoporosis, it is almost impossible to prevent it, but only to regulate the function of the face at the appropriate time. The corrective action when it is surgery orthopedic jaw.

But with  the teeth are different, we can fully prevent the baby teeth whitening. We should not underestimate the teeth. Although the teeth will be replaced but based on the causes of teeth that are mentioned above can see the problem of teeth whitening is also cause no cause permanent teeth.

Bad habits such as sucking, pushing the tongue forward or sideways when swallowing, lip sucking, mouth breathing, prolonged biting will cause unwanted tooth movements, resulting in deviations in teeth and facial features. . Bad dental habits can cause tooth movement if the impact duration is long enough: over 6 hours / day. Hand suction can narrow the upper arch (V-shaped arch). The tongue is pushed forward, sideways or just forward and sideways, causing anterior bite, deep biting.

Hand-to-mouth sucking is one of the causes of later eczema

So, there are some things you need to pay attention to  :

- Follow up and care for your baby teeth. Try to get your child to the dentist as soon as possible. It is best to go to the dentist as soon as the toddler has had a tooth and to treat the problem as well as other problems.

- Do not give bad habits such as finger sucking, licking the denture, licking lips, tongue, sleep breathing mouth. If you find that the child has these vices to remind and help her overcome immediately.

Dental treatment

Most of these bad habits have to be treated before the permanent teeth grow up to prevent the teeth from becoming defective or biting. If so its impact on permanent teeth, they must use methods of  orthodontics  to restore the aesthetic and function of the tooth.

The length of treatment depends on the development of the jaw bone and the complexity of the patient's dental condition. According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan: there may be cases where only 6 months to 1 year, but there are cases from 2 to 3 years. The duration of maintenance is about 6 months, during this 6 months, you will wear a maintenance device to avoid cases where the teeth can be moved again. When the results are corrected, you only need to go back to the clinic once every 6 months to check again.

At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, orthodontic treatment (braces), Othovison helps to reduce tooth extraction, shorten treatment time and predict the results after treatment.


Orthodontics (Braces) Othovison in Dental Center

Aesthetic, safe and effective braces in Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Step 1: ConeBeam 3D CT scanner

At first, patients will be filmed with the latest CT X-ray ConeBeam CT, to find out what causes false teeth and current dental conditions. Thereby, your doctor will advise you the most appropriate method of braces.

Step 2: Plan your treatment with Vceph 3D software

Based on the Vceph 3D software, physicians perform detailed and accurate braces regimens with modern 3D imaging, ensuring a fast, high aesthetic result.

Step 3: Sampling and dental hygiene

Before  braces, the doctors will thoroughly clean your mouth to prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease, gum disease ... Then get the sample and switch to labo for braces or trays depending on. choice of customers.

Step 4: Perform cosmetic braces

The braces and braces are attached to the braces, the doctor performs in accordance with the technique to ensure effective braces while still creating comfort in eating, living and oral hygiene during the braces.

Step 5: Take care of aesthetic braces

Finally, the doctor will give careful guidance on how to care when wearing braces and to schedule a visit to the most convenient. The two sides together to bring good results, a beautiful teeth and confident smile.

Some cases of treatment at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

A case of dental treatment and dentistry at Dental Center


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