Dental crowns for people who have lost teeth

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Vân

Tooth decay is a bridge solution, when you lose one or two teeth or more teeth, provided the adjacent teeth are still in good condition so that the crowns can be made.

 How long does it take to make porcelain veneer?

Bridge bridging is simply understood to fill in the gaps in your teeth quickly, helping you regain confidence in your life, in communication and in your daily work. Thanks to the superior characteristics and advantages of this dental porcelain remedy, this is the best choice for many people.

Dental porcelain for teeth loss

When you lose 1 or 2 teeth, or may be multiple teeth for a variety of reasons, there are three ways to restore lost teeth:

 The first is implants implantation , which is now considered the most effective method, ensuring aesthetic and chewing function, maintaining long-term stability, almost permanently.

 Second, dentures are removable , depending on the needs and aspirations of each customer will choose the appropriate teeth.

 Third , there are porcelain teeth , there are many types of porcelain teeth and prices vary depending on the nature of each type. However, because of its average price and popularity with many people, growing porcelain teeth is the most popular choice in the field of dentistry in Vietnam.


Current dental restorations are lost

Porcelain bridges for restoration of missing teeth are of various types, depending on the number of missing teeth to make bridges fit. Two teeth on the two sides will be healing the marrow and grinding a thin layer outside to make bridges, so if you lose one tooth you will have to make 3 porcelain teeth, and if two teeth have to make 4 porcelain teeth and the same. so increased.

According to Dr., Dr. Vo Van Nhan: The technique of making porcelain bridges for chewing force is quite good, equal to 80% of the chewing force of real teeth. Besides the method of making porcelain bridges, there is a way to restorate porcelain teeth that is the bridge teeth. This case is for some people who do not want or are afraid to grind their teeth, or do not have time. Just grinding a thin layer at the next tooth as a fulcrum, it also gives the results of restoration is no different than the real teeth of aesthetics, but in fact it will not be stable, firmly by other measures.

Pre-treatment of dental bridge for HT patients

After dental bridge treatment for HT patients

Note:  The effect of treatment depends on the person's physiology

Why choose a reputable address for planting porcelain teeth?

Although it's not a prosthetic procedure that requires a lot of complex techniques like implant, but if you do not choose the right address, you will regret the restoration results are not what you want. Or more or less will affect health and aesthetics.

If a porcelain bristle is made under the careful examination of a doctor, by the skill and skill of the experienced technician, and experienced aesthetic sense, you will have a tooth Perfect teeth, porcelain teeth have color, shape and natural beauty identical to real teeth. And vice versa, if you come across a bad, unreliable denture, you'll have worse results. Therefore, before deciding to repair a dental porcelain by any means, learn and choose a reliable place.

The teeth of the hair is human, everyone wants to own a beautiful appearance, a sunshine smile but creativity can not produce all the same beautiful people. In addition, accidents or incidents in your life make you smile, do not worry because the development of modern dentistry has achieved great achievements. Be confident of having the best solutions to improve your appearance.


The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's condition

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