Dental crown restorations for Overjet and Underbite teeth

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

For cases where the teeth are lightweight but do not have time and conditions to perform orthodontic treatment, porcelain is a solution that you can choose to improve aesthetics as well as the ability to eat. chewing effect

 When should you get porcelain crowns?

 Effective oral care after porcelain crown procedure

What are the benefits of dental restorations for overjet and underbite teeth?

Mouth chewing is a direct cause of facial aesthetics, making you lack confidence when talking. Chromosomes make the correlation between the two defects leading to chewing difficulty when the upper and lower jaw teeth can not touch the joints.

In the long run, the teeth of the chickens also affect the digestive system directly, causing the risk of temporomandibular joint, jaw and affect the structure of the face

Mouth chewing directly affects chewing ability and aesthetics

Often the first solution that we think of to deal with dental conditions is to perform orthodontics, braces.

However, in modern dental restorations, porcelain dental aesthetic is also an effective solution to improve dental condition

Porcelain dental teeth for the teeth, the neighbors have the following advantages:

1. Shorten treatment time

Dental treatment with porcelain solution will shorten the maximum time, customers only need to visit dentistry about 2-3 times the appointment can complete the treatment

2. Improve the bite joint, resolve of ovetjet and underbite condition

Porcelain crowns for dental teeth, the solution is made based on the shaping of the teeth and then coated with porcelain crown to improve the shape, help the teeth regularly, bringing the bite to the correct position on the jaw, from That resolved thoroughly the situation of chanting

3. Helps the teeth become white, bright, even and beautiful

One advantage of porcelain aesthetic is that many people choose to bring a complete aesthetic for the teeth. The porcelain teeth after restoration will be bright white, natural colors like enamel, shape regular teeth and bring aesthetic superior

Porcelain teeth not only improves the comfort of the family, but also meet the aesthetic needs after treatment

4. Ensure eating and chewing capability, high durability

Complementary porcelain for the teeth, not only improve the aesthetics, but also improve the bite joint between the jaws, support the chewing, effective feed. Aesthetic teeth are very durable so they can meet the demand for long-term chewing, support the digestive system effectively and at the same time limit the pathology of temporomandibular joint due to the condition of choking. out

The dental porcelain made in prestigious dentistry with doctors rich in expertise and experience will be durable over time. Existing life can be over 20 years if good care and customers perform periodic dental appointments as directed by the doctor.

Customer image using dental porcelain service to improve mesentery - back bite

Which cases are suitable for dental crowns to treat overjet and underbite? 

  Overjet, underbite due to the teeth

There are two causes of dental conditions, because the jaw bone or teeth.

When chewing is determined by the bone, aesthetic dental solution will not be effective. At this time the therapist needs to perform a jaw surgery to correct and place the bite in the correct position.

When the cheeks are determined by the teeth, the upper teeth are outwardly directed (for choking conditions) or the lower teeth are outwardly directed (for mating conditions), porcelain or orthodontic treatment is the method. Interventions, corrections help bring teeth, beautiful for customers.

Aesthetic dental porcelain is only used for cases of dental teeth, mild form. For severe cases, two large defects, this time the solution orthodontic - braces will be more effective

For cases of retrusion, protrusion, and weak teeth enamel

Treatment of tooth decay, toothache and weak enamel

In cases where the teeth and teeth at the same time enamel weak or occur problems such as tooth decay, teeth, broken teeth, yellow teeth, ... the doctor will appoint dental porcelain to increase the durability and Improve the chanting, while also increasing the aesthetics of the teeth.

For cases where there is no time for braces

With light cases and no time to make braces, aesthetic porcelain wrap is the best solution to shorten treatment time, while ensuring aesthetic and effective chewing ability.

In order to know exactly what dental conditions are suitable for the treatment, as well as to obtain the desired dental restorations, clients need to visit the clinic directly for specific indications from a specialist. faculty

Aesthetic dental porcelain for dental complaints

The process of dental restoration of overjet, underbite at Nhan Tam Dental Center

Dealing with crowns at Nha Nhat Tam Dental Clinic includes the following procedures:

Step 1: Examination, Scanning and Treatment Consultation

At Dentistry Dental Care, dental treatment and dental care will be performed by specialists in the field of dental porcelain. After a CT scan of the CT Cone Beam 3D system, the physician will design the treatment regimen that is appropriate for each oral condition and provide indications that provide expert advice. therapist.

Step 2: Oral Hygiene

Doctors scrape tartar, general dental hygiene and thoroughly treat the pathology of gums, periodontics, tooth decay, ... to prepare the best oral health, creating the premise for restoration. Dental porcelain achieves results as desired

The process of treatment dental porcelain Nhat Tam

Step 3:Smile design

Smile Design Pro will analyze the teeth, smile lines to detail the shape of the teeth and overall face treatment to help customers can discuss to choose the smile most

Customer image design smile for aesthetic dental treatment in Nhan Tam Dental

Step 4: Teeth shaping

The procedure is based on the principle of "minimizing invasive teeth". The shaping of the teeth will be done correctly, without breaking the biological space, protect the gum tissue and teeth in the optimal way

Step 5: Attaching fixed dental crowns

After the crowns have been fully processed, the doctor will perform the bonding and correction so that the porcelain teeth close to the gum tissue, eliminate the feeling of entanglement, ensure the chewing and natural beauty after restoration.

Step 6: Homecare guide

In order to prolong the life of the porcelain crowns, the doctor will instruct the client to take proper care of his or her teeth at home and give regular follow-up visits after 4 or 6 months of treatment

Why you should choose Nhan Tam Dental Center to treat overjet and underbite.

Specialist team of over 20 years of experience, graduated from famous universities in the country and internationally, always updated the trend of modern dental aesthetics, successfully treated 100% for all cases. from simple to complex

The system of standardized dental disinfection with a system of dental rooms and tools for each customer. Strict compliance with sterile procedures, eliminating cross-contamination, ensuring health for all treatment clients

Large, modern LAB rooms at the dental clinic with automatic CAD / CAM dental system, which help to minimize the time required for dental treatment, ensuring that the porcelain teeth are processed accurately, the most perfect aesthetic

Applying modern technology with 3-Shape digital imaging software, CT Cone Beam 3D, smile design software Smile Design Pro, ... and imported porcelain material. from Europe.

05-star service, free shuttle, clear warranty, after sales attractive.

Dedicated care before, during and after treatment.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is a prestigious, quality dental office that will bring absolute satisfaction to all customers


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