How long does it take to make porcelain veneer?

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

Veneer porcelain paste is a method of cosmetic prosthetics, high tech. In order to reproduce the natural appearance of the teeth, to overcome the status of teeth infected with tetracycline, the teeth are thin, short, slightly cracked or gap between teeth uneven.

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Advantages of veneer porcelain

Top dental experts say Veneer porcelain is the ideal "mask" to replace the surface of teeth that are not perfect, so you do not have to resort to orthodontic services. complex.  

Veneer porcelain super-thin, aesthetically comprehensive after restoration

Previously, if you want to have a beautiful teeth, white light and close together, doctors need to sharpen, invade the real teeth and then take the porcelain crown. This can lead to a number of conditions such as aches and pains, especially after each use of hot, cold foods. Nowadays, when dental medicine has grown tremendously, thanks to Veneer porcelain , doctors just need to sharpen the surface of the real teeth, then paste the porcelain Veneer up that you can be confident and comfortable. The roof over with his smile.  

With thin structure, excellent durability, porcelain veneer brings natural beauty and durable

The advantage of Veneer Porcelain Veneer is that it is in harmony with the natural teeth as well as neighboring teeth naturally. Once you have finished the porcelain veneer, you can eat normal chewing, no porcelain peeling or loose. Not only that, Veneer porcelain will not affect or invade the structure of real teeth. On the contrary, it helps protect the teeth from the effects of food or pathogenic bacteria.  

How long is the Veneer porcelain adhesive?

Like porcelain crowns, the time to make porcelain veneer patients also need to visit the clinic from 2-3 times appointment. At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic , thanks to modern machinery and equipment, with automatic toothbrush technology, it is possible to shorten the time of implementation. Veneer porcelain facings can be completed after 2 appointments at Nhan Tam Dental Center.  

Porcelain veneer limited real teeth, perfect teeth protection

At the first appointment, your doctor will check your entire oral cavity, thoroughly treat the disease such as gingivitis, periodontics, tooth decay, pulp therapy. If your dental health is stable then the dentist will grind the surface of the teeth, invasion is very limited and almost 100% of patients do not have to marrow. After the teeth are imprinted with an automatic scanner to send the labo data, 1-2 days later, the Veneer porcelain will be made and sent back to the center to make Veneer porcelain paste on the tooth surface. row.

Veneer porcelain ensures perfect smile after treatment

On the second appointment, usually around the first appointment about 2 days, Veneer porcelain face will be posted on the real tooth surface of the patient in accordance with the predefined rate. Doctors will conduct a re-examination of the correct paste to correct if problems occur. Veneer porcelain veneers will have a natural result as real enamel, tissue and gums are preserved, without any adverse effect on the health of the user.  

With the information that Nhan Tam shared recently, you can know how long the Veneer porcelain veneer . If you have a need to make porcelain or any other dental care or cosmetic services such as braces, teeth whitening, dental implant, denture removal ... please contact us immediately. I by number 1900 56 5678 for specific advice.      


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