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Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

Veneer porcelain teeth whitening is a method of improving the effectiveness of the defects that affect your smile. Please visit  Dental Center  to learn about dental aesthetics Veneer porcelain you.

 Reconstruct the gingival papilla in porcelain restoration

 What is high quality porcelain teeth?

What is veneer porcelain?

Veneer is a thin porcelain or porcelain veneer that is glued onto the outside of the tooth for the purpose of changing the shape, size and color of the teeth, giving a new look to the smile.

The most special thing is the technique of cosmetic restoration has advantages compared with traditional dental aesthetic techniques that are preserved and do not affect too much to the real teeth.    

Prof. Dr. Vo Van Nhan

Professional "Smile Design" at  Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Advantages of the Veneer porcelain technique

1. Little affect on real teeth

Technology:  Veneer porcelain is a suitable method for teeth, mildly deviated teeth, chipped teeth, glaucoma, toothed fluoride or tooth colored teeth due to antibiotics. Veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made by pressing techniques or automated production with the help of computer. At present, the thickness of the porcelain face is significantly improved from 0.5 to 0.6 mm, even can make porcelain face with a thickness of 0.3 mm.

No effect on teeth:  Thus, compared to traditional bridges, porcelain Veneer has many advantages. Dental porcelain veneer teeth are very small, just 0.5mm on average is sufficient, while classical techniques must grind to 1.2mm tooth tissue. Consequently, the real teeth are preserved. The entire face and side of the tooth is not damaged.

Tooth pulp is also preserved:  100% of cases do not require veneer treatment of pulp. The level of sensitivity of the teeth after grinding is also much less than when the crown. On the other hand, compared to Composite, porcelain veneer provides better color, gloss, less discoloration, less abrasion and higher durability. When making Veneer porcelain teeth, it hardly changes the contact of the teeth on the jaw between the upper and lower jaw, so there is no disturbance in the bite to help patients feel comfortable eating chewing gum. Thus, porcelain veneer changes the shape, size and color of the teeth, improving aesthetic smile but not destroy the structure of the real teeth.

Veneer porcelain panels with optimum thickness (0.5mm - 0.6mm)

Advanced technology helps doctors accurately diagnose and treat (at  Dentistry Center)

2. Follow aesthetic procedures in a subtle way  

Delicate aesthetic feel:  Veneer porcelain face is a kind of aesthetic dental restoration in the trend of minimal intervention, minimally invasive, minimizing the damage to the teeth. Therefore, all operations from grinding, marking, pouring of samples to the joints, fabrication to the surface of porcelain veneer must be strictly followed in order to achieve accuracy. Therefore, in order to have a beautiful and quality veneer porcelain, the physician must have a high level of technical skill.

 Highly skilled physician:  With Veneer porcelain, the doctor plays an important role rather than the material. The beautiful smile is the harmony of three elements: teeth, gums and lips in a unified form of face, skin as well as age, sex and personality of the patient rather than simply replace teeth as old. The harmonious combination of these factors along with the appropriate dental treatment indications of the new doctor can produce the desired results.

A "smile design" at Smile Tam before and after Veneer porcelain


Dental Care : Taking care of porcelain veneers Veneer also convenient and easy as natural teeth. Therefore, using the brush and floss does not make it difficult for Veneer porcelain. Avoid eating solid food. If you are grinding your teeth, you should wear protective goggles while sleeping to prevent the veneer surface from breaking. Repeat visits every 6 months.

Exact advice:  Today, with the development of modern dentistry, patients have many options to restore, improve the aesthetic state of the teeth. However, to choose the most appropriate intervention for each person, it is necessary to have a doctor visit directly to the best solution as well as a team of highly skilled doctors will be The place for your smile to shine.

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