Veneer - Treating Diastema

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

Fracture is a normal phenomenon in young children. As many as 50% of children between the ages of 6 and 8 suffer from this condition and most of these gaps will disappear when the child's dental structure is fully developed. If this condition persists, a doctor's intervention is required. Veneer porcelain teeth are one of the methods of treating loops, giving a confident smile with a regular and aesthetic smile.

 What do you know about porcelain Veneer?

 Cercon porcelain with CAD / CAM technology


Open fracture is a normal condition in young children

Causes of Diastema (gap between teeth)

There are several causes for dental dissections, including:

- Due to the structure of the bone (known only in X-rays): These are usually cases of open tooth, open cavity. Imbalance between the teeth and the jaw leading to tooth loss. More specifically, the teeth are too small and the jaw is too wide, not enough to fill the width of the jaw that will create a gap. 

- Due to the gums between the teeth too thick, or can be caused by missing teeth:  When tooth loss, alveolar bone was empty for a long time to spend hollow, receding gums, the teeth adjacent tends to tilt to the position of missing teeth, causing So the deflection of the tooth from which to form a crevice. 

- Changes in volume, density of the jaw:  This change makes the strength of the teeth decline, can not withstand chewing force and hence not retain the stable teeth is one of the causes. should gap teeth, spit

The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's condition

- Due to bad habits: Some people maintain bad habits if such pushing forward the tongue, mouth breathing, dental floss with toothpicks ... for a long time also causes little teeth.

How to treat Diastema

People with openings have spaces between their teeth, making it difficult to pronounce the "s", a lack of self-confidence in their lives. Based on the individual case, the doctor will analyze and provide advice to remedy the problem. There are many ways to treat dental cavities such as orthodontics, cosmetic surgery or surgery. To choose the right method, you should go to the dentist for the examination and the doctor will review, the most accurate diagnosis through X-ray. 

In case of congenital tooth, you can choose braces or learn dental porcelain. In most dental treatment cases, dental flaps in Nhan Tam dentistry, they are often treated with porcelain crowns, as this is the quickest way to recover, giving shape and color to the teeth. more beautiful and lively. 

The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's condition

Doctor, Dr. Vo Van Nhan said: A measure is considered suitable, safe treatment of dental loophole that is dental porcelain veneer. When treated with porcelain veneer teeth, just grind a thin layer on the outer surface of the teeth. After that, the doctor will take the imprint and other technical information to the lab technician. Based on this information, the technicians make veneers so that they can be thinly grinded and meet the technical and aesthetic requirements. 

Advantages of porcelain veneer teeth

Veneer porcelain veneer is like a class coat, help to restorate the whole tooth in both shape and color, bring you a more complete beauty. The advantages of this method are highly appreciated because this method does not hurt and invade the real teeth as porcelain crowns.

In the case of dental discoloration, porcelain veneer is the best solution to improve your smile, giving you more confidence in work and life. It should be noted that the paste Veneer porcelain should only be done over the jaw when your real teeth are still healthy, eat chewing good, do not suffer from dental disease ... These are factors that help sticking sticky teeth into the teeth. To maintain a permanent adhesive and ensure that the teeth are still functioning properly eating chewing.


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