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Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

Aesthetics is a method of beautifying receiving a wide variety of choices from patients. However, cosmetic results vary greatly depending on the porcelain material, the clinical condition of the patient as well as the physician. We offer a few tips to help you choose the right place for dental treatment.

 Should be made porcelain veneer not

The elements that make the porcelain crown work effectively

For the porcelain crowns to achieve aesthetic results, should have the following elements:

 Good pulp therapy.

 The work of teeth grinding is done properly, not too sharp grinding, the shape has good retention.

 Accurate Marking: Need to insert the gingival only to separate the gums and the cut of the teeth, sometimes need to insert only 2 times. In addition, when applying sealant to combine liquid rubber and solid rubber according to two techniques:

- Take 1 to 1 marks: get a seal.

- Many teeth to full jaw: get two times.

 Pour the sample accurately.

 Precision casting.

 The doctor has a high aesthetic experience, dental porcelain designs and harmonious gums, choosing the right color for your skin tone and smile.

Porcelain crowns at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is equipped with modern machinery and equipment to meet the international standards in the dental industry in general and cultivate porcelain aesthetic in particular. Here, the doctors perform the planting of porcelain teeth according to the process, optimal in operation and combined with the most modern machinery, to follow the process of planting teeth 5-dimensional CT to the national standard. To ensure safety, most effective for customers. Time to complete the plantation of porcelain teeth is also much shorter than other conventional dental porcelain solutions.


Why do you need to treat a pulp? Because while the porcelain crown will have to grind a layer of external teeth, grinding operations will affect the pulp, so for patients with large pulp chamber most doctors recommend the pulp before the ceramic coating. To prevent pulp inflammation later to remove dental porcelain, marrow and remedial dental porcelain.

Curettage plays an important role in cosmetic dental prosthetics


Grinding teeth is a very important work in the process of porcelain crowns, grinding so that the teeth are not too small and the shape of the tongue must have good retention, this work is done after the completion of the pulp, sometimes grinding before the pulp. During the grinding process you may feel a little uncomfortable because of the strange feeling when your teeth are grinding a layer outside. After sharpening and collecting teeth, there will be temporary teeth so that you will not be empty during porcelain crowns.


After sharpening, the next step is to get marks. To get the mark correctly, it is necessary to insert only to separate the gums, sometimes need to insert only 2 times.


The gypsum is poured on the rubber stamp and the lab will be based on this sample for porcelain crowns. Each stage is related to each other so any steps that do wrong affect each other.

Teeth whitening technique will determine the precision and sophistication of porcelain teeth after restoration


All procedures are done in the dentist and the lab will make dental porcelain. Normally, for long bridges, the ribs should be tested before attaching the porcelain to ensure close fitting of the gums.


Before each case, the treating doctor must understand the patient's wishes and know how to achieve the best results.

After completion of the treatment, the patient satisfies the results, two front teeth bite out, crown length and gums in harmony with the side teeth, especially the teeth color very similar.


Hopefully the information above will help you know better about porcelain crowns, so it may be easier to decide whether this method should be used to restore aesthetic teeth. If you have any further questions, please contact us as soon as possible.


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