The process of dental pulp treatment

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

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The process of dental pulp treatment removes the infected pulp tissue, necrosis. Treatment and cleaning of the canal helps prevent bacterial and plaque invasion. The doctor then proceeds to fill the canal to protect the teeth and structures around the teeth.

Why need tooth pulp treatment?

First, you have to understand what the tooth pulp is and when to treat the pulp. The root of the tooth is an association of nerves and blood vessels, located in the middle of the tooth. Tooth pulp plays a vital role in nourishing and identifying the emotions. The pulp is in the crown and root of the tooth, covered by dentin and enamel.

Tooth decay is a serious cause of tooth decay, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth decay, tooth decay, tooth decay, tooth decay, and tooth decay. teeth. Long-term tooth decay destroys tooth enamel and dentin. If it is not prevented, the hard tissues of the tooth will be damaged and progress deep into the pulp. When bacteria attacked the pulp, it causes infection, inflammation. Damage to the pulp can be swelling, pain or numbness, burning when the food is too hot or too cold.  

Few cases of minor injuries, then eliminating the cause of inflammation and self-healing will not require treatment. The rest, most cases of bone marrow infection that still retain the need to treat the end. Because when the inflammation of the marrow, bacteria will affect and cause intense pain, may swell up and have pus. Retention of dead tissue causes inflammation to become more severe, leading to tooth abscess around the root of the tooth, infection of the blood ... that affects health and life.

Your doctor will treat inflammatory pulp from the crown and root to prevent the bacteria from entering, removing the infected tissue, preserving the real teeth without suffering the millions. The pain of myelitis causes.

The process of dental pulp treatment

At Nhan Tam dental clinic, the treatment of dental pulp will be done by doctors specializing in endodontic treatment. The length of treatment depends on the condition and desire of each patient. The process of root canal treatment in this step:

Step 1: Examine and film

Patients will be examined directly by the doctor and assigned to a digital radiography (when needed) to make an accurate diagnosis and then to plan a specific treatment.

Step 2: Get the marrow

In cases where the tooth is completely dead, the doctor will proceed to obtain the pulp directly without anesthesia. If the teeth are not dead or the marrow is partially damaged, the doctor performs local anesthesia for the patient.

Your doctor will use a special drill to create a small hole on the tooth that makes its way into the pulp chamber and canal.

Xác định chiều dài làm việc của các ống tuỷ (chiều dài của răng cần chữa tủy) bằng máy định vị chóp sau đó tiến hành sửa soạn bằng hệ thống trâm quay hiện đại, bơm rửa và làm sạch buồng tủy và ống tủy.

Step 3: Run the canal filling

After making sure that the marrow is completely cleaned, seal the canal with Gutta Percha. Digital X-rays are taken to ensure proper filling of the canal.

Step 4: Schedule a follow-up visit

The doctor will schedule an appointment to check and fill the ends or make dentures (dentures) as needed.

After treatment of pulp, teeth are often brittle, fragile, easy to change color. Therefore, to avoid aesthetic loss later, patients should have a reasonable diet, avoid the food too hard ... In addition, you may also consider the porcelain or porcelain veneer teeth to be able to Ensure aesthetic for the teeth.

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