The article on dental implant restoration for ectodermal dysplasia patients is published in international journals

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

Vo Van Nhan DDS.PhD at the 23rd International Conference on Osteoarthritis, was published in the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - one of the leading journals in the field of facial surgery in the world.

 TS - Dr. Vo Van Nhan participated in the report at the Conference on Science and Training teeth jaw 5th

 Conference on bone grafting and sinus elevation in dental implants

To implement dental implant treatment for patients with congenital anomaly caused by epidural dysplasia, Dr. Vo Van Nhan had to apply two innovative implanted cheekbones to grow teeth molars upper and lower jaw nodes for bone grafting, implant implant. This work was reported at the 23rd International Orthopedic Surgery International Conference. The conference takes place from March 31 to April 3 in Hong Kong.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan's topic is highly appreciated, friends and international reporters give much praise, for planting teeth for patients with less fortunate to suffer from dysplasia syndrome. Caused by lack of teeth and innate teeth, Dr. - Dr. Vo Van Nhan has to apply the most difficult techniques in the field of dental implant. These complicated techniques have very few doctors in the world that can do it.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan at the 23rd International Conference in Hong Kong

Two dental caries for patients with NTKH (30 years old, female) and patients with congenital anomaly. The management board (23 years old, male) conducted in 2016 are special, rare and special cases. Severe epilepsy syndrome. Successful dental implantation, these special patients have a confident smile radiant, improve the quality of life and open up more opportunities in the work.

Implantation implant for dental implant for congenital implant of TS - Dr. Vo Van Nhan has brought practical meaning as well as profound humanity. His report on implants for congenital implantants published in the national journal of topical oral surgery has once again confirmed the development of Vietnamese dentistry, contributing to the improvement of the implant field in the world.


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