Dental Implants vs. Bridges: What's Best for missing two teeth?

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

Dear doctor, I have tooth decay because of eating candy, not hold the root, so 3 months ago to pull two teeth next to each other. I do not know if implant dental implants or porcelain bridges are better. Can your doctor advise you?

(Phương Lan - 20 years old, Nghệ An)

 Dental implants are dangerous?

 I am 60 years old implanted dental implant?


Phuong Lan, thank you for sharing with us. Questions about implant teeth or porcelain bridges when missing two teeth will be answered as follows:

Implant dental implant, What is porcelain bridge?

First of all, to answer the specific question should implant dental implant or dental bridge teeth when losing two teeth, you have to grasp how each method is, how good the disadvantages are to trust, choose Choose the best option.

Implant placement is the solution used in cases where one or more teeth are missing. The implant is a titanium-based pillar that functions primarily to support crowns, bridges or dentures, which are placed in the jawbone, and then attached to the upper teeth to resemble a real tooth.

Implantation of dental implant solution effective dental restorations

Making porcelain bridges is a way of restoring lost teeth by bridging the two sides between the missing teeth. Each bridge consists of two crowns attached to the two missing teeth and dentures located between the two crowns. The bridge for the chewing function is almost the real teeth but must grind the real teeth adjacent to the smaller to cover the crown as a bridge. Jaw bones where teeth are lost gradually, affecting the facial aesthetics.

Implant dentistry or dental porcelain bridges when missing teeth need to visit the dentist directly and consult a doctor. According to dental experts, implant dentures are the best way to restore dentures in this case, because implant couplers bring advantages over making porcelain teeth a lot.

Implant is one of the greatest scientific achievements in dental history, helping to restore the lost teeth in both aesthetic and functional way. Dental implants are Titanium cylinders implanted into the jaw bone to replace missing teeth. Implant dentures have both crowns and crowns so they are like real teeth. Advantages of implantation:

Implant teeth bring aesthetic teeth, durable

Hibiscus Symbol No real teeth grinding (Classic Teeth Grinding technique to make abutment and 15% grinding teeth will damage marrow)

Hibiscus Symbol Prevents bone loss in the teeth, keep the muscular force on the face, lips and cheeks are not dipped in, do not deform the face, keep the aesthetic and youthful.

Hibiscus Symbol Taste does not change, patients still feel the food is soft or hard, hot or cold, sour or sweet, spicy or not spicy, ..., help eat more delicious.

Hibiscus Symbol Limit gingivitis, tooth decay, ...

Loss of teeth, if not restored soon will cause serious consequences for oral health such as bone loss, side teeth are deflated, the teeth opposite the missing teeth will be longer. , and especially affects the chewing and aesthetic function of the teeth. Therefore, the cost of growing implant teeth is quite high, but with the long-term sustainability and benefits that implant plug bring your life is priceless.

Especially in your case, your age is too young and the surrounding teeth are still healthy. If you are grinding your teeth to make porcelain bridges, you must polish your teeth. It is best to come to Nhan Tam clinic for the best examination and consultation.


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