What is implant placement?

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Dear doctor, doctor can answer help implant implant need to note what? You have heard that implant implant is the best method of growing dentures today. And intend to go to dental restoration, but before going to work, I want to refer to the experience of growing implant teeth. Looking forward to consulting your doctor!

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Hi, thank you for sharing your concern about us, questions about dental implants implantation need to note what, dental experts at Nhan Tam Dental would like to answer as follows:

What is implant placement?

Implants are complex implantation techniques that require high implantation efficacy without the need for special attention when implants implant with specific steps.

The most important implant placement should be the choice of doctor and best technology.

 Implant implants should be performed at the time of first tooth extraction or tooth loss: this will help you conserve the remaining bone and minimize bone loss after tooth extraction, loss of teeth if bone and tissue conditions permit. When you make an implant soon after the loss of teeth or at the time of tooth extraction will reduce the time, cost and pain for yourself because the surgery just once. For older people, if they are still healthy, they can use this technique so they do not have to wear dentures.

 In cases where the jaw bone is too large and not enough density to anchor the implant, it is best to perform a bone graft before implantation. Time for bone graft integration with the jaw bone ranges from 3-6 months depending on the locus of the individual.

 In some cases implants should not be implanted: children under the age of 16, patients with a history of cardiovascular disease, those with artificial heart valves, malignant disease, kidney failure, metastatic cancer should not be implant implants.

 The number of implants is not necessarily equal to the number of missing teeth: Implant can be less than the number of missing teeth. To save the cost of treatment for patients, in some cases the number of implants must be less than the loss of teeth still ensure chewing function and aesthetics. Normally, it takes 6 - 8 implants for each upper and lower jaw. Implant placement after implant is equivalent to 95% of real teeth. Therefore, you can maintain your normal chewing ability.

 Choosing a qualified physician: To have aesthetic implants like real teeth, which require dental implants Dental implants must have years of experience in dental implant dental implants. Just a small mistake, the plug also did not achieve optimal performance.

 Selection of modern dental implant technology: One of the most important requirements for dental implants is prosthetic technique. Only regular dental implants, teeth are not durable, the process is not optimal, easy to complicate and the most painful or tooth loss.

 Currently, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic has invested in the most modern equipment. For the first time in Vietnam, the most advanced CT Scan and Implant Implant software in the world is equipped and successfully applied at the Nhan Tam Dental Center.

 The CT scan allows for 3D visualization of the entire facial structure, helping the clinician to detect early onset facial features. This system is imported according to Vietnam Standard TCVN 6595: 2000 by the Ministry of Health and is licensed by the Department of Science and Technology No. 05/2009 / GP-SKHCN. 

 A CT scan of the jaw bone produces a 3D image, which identifies the nerve location. In addition, based on full-function implant implantation, implant implanters can develop treatment plans and implant transplant procedures as well as implant placement and implant orientation for patients with visual acuity.

 Always use implant implant software, CT scan film before, after and immediately implant transplant to achieve optimal results, eliminate possible errors, and immediately see results after transplant.

 Apply 3 modern techniques: implant implants, porcelain teeth and shaping gums and bones while planning comprehensive treatment.

 Nhat Tam dentistry has been trusted by thousands of patients, not only because of modern technology but also with good doctors. TS-BS Vo Van Nhan is a leading implant therapist who is the pioneer in the most complex dental implant technology.

 With the above mentioned, hopefully you will get the information and choose a reputable dentist, trusting to have a radiant smile.


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