Hundreds of foreign objects extracted from the patient's sinus cavity

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

Ms. Irena (54 years old) from Australia to Ho Chi Minh City implants lost teeth, the results of her examination showed chronic sinusitis and many objects occupy the left sinus region.

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The jaw in the jaw of Irena

Before arriving in HCMC, Irena, who lives in Victoria, suffers from dyspnea, bad breath, occasional sinus pain, nasal congestion such as a stuffy nose. To a number of dentists in Australia, she was advised for a treatment that lasted more than a year and had to undergo two operations to re-grow the upper teeth that had been extracted. Introduced by a friend, I decided to come to Vietnam to seek treatment and treatment, "she said.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan said that the patient came to him with the original intention is implants implant to remake the missing teeth in the upper right jaw. Examination results on CT films show that the sinus contains many heterogeneous objects.

According to Doctor Nhan, the object in the sinus cavity is not common, but the cause is that when the upper teeth are removed, the dentist will not get all the root teeth and to enter the sinuses. This condition greatly affects the sinus function, if for a long time will cause chronic sinusitis. When the diaphragm loses its function of eliminating dust through the nasal passages, the deposition of dust over time causes the area of ​​sinusitis to increase and accumulate in the object.

"If you do not remove the object, it will lead to severe chronic sinusitis, which can affect the inability to lift the transplanted bone and can not be implanted without removing the foreign body from the sinus cavity," said Dr. Nhan. Accomplishments. If the implants are still in the state not remove the object, these objects will interfere with blood circulation, not help heal.
To remove all foreign objects in the sinus cavity, Dr. Nhan has performed the technique of sinus incision, then stitched the sinus membrane and then implanted the bone and implants simultaneously. With this technique, patients need only one surgery and treatment time is also much shorter. If the procedure is usually divided into two stages, the removal of foreign bodies, the patient must wait four to six months later to perform another surgery to lift the sinuses, bone grafts and implants.


Dr. Vo Van Nhan surgery to remove the foreign body in the sinus cavity

"Surgery techniques for incision and suturing of the sinus membrane are one of the most difficult dental techniques." Surgically, the sinusoidal membrane is very thin, 0.3-0.8 mm thick, requiring skilled and experienced physicians. "Nhan said. After surgery, patients recover well, ensuring functional and aesthetic.

The doctor advised, the tooth extraction is simple but if the doctor is not careful will cause inconvenience. Upper jaw related to the sinus cavity should be taken CT to see the root shape, the correlation between the root and the bottom of the jaw. The root cause must be very careful so that the tooth does not fall into the sinus causes the condition like patient Irena. When there are suspect teeth in the sinuses, the doctor must take the film to check.

In cases where the doctor does not detect, the tooth extractor has symptoms of discomfort in the sinus area after a period of tooth extraction should take the initiative to take CT to detect and treat early, avoid long-term inflammation. chronic sinusitis.

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