Periodontitis disease- Do not despise

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Ms Trúc

According to the National Oral Health Survey 1999-2000, the rate of periodontitis in Vietnam is 95% in the 12-15 age group and 99.03% in the adult population (age group 35-44) .

Because periodontal inflammation is  b ENH fairly common reasons, so many subjective. In many cases, due to lack of treatment in time, leading to destruction of periodontal ligaments, bone in the alveoli, gingival recession, tooth shaking and consequent loss of teeth, facial deformities, causing aesthetic and impairment. Reduces chewing function, affects general health. 

 Cause and h é u qu she

Periodontal disease is caused by an increase in the number and type of bacteria through plaque buildup. In addition, there are a number of factors that contribute to more severe periodontal inflammation, such as: Unusual dental surgery, untreated dental caries, deviated teeth, stress, smoking, nutrition (lack of calcium, vitamin C, E, A ...), osteoporosis, estrogen deficiency, hormonal changes (in pregnancy, diabetes mellitus ...), medications (anti-seizures, contraceptives ...) . In particular, an important cause of periodontal inflammation that most people do not expect is due to improper dental treatment techniques. For example, porcelain is not technically correct, the fillings and edges of porcelain restorations are not close enough to easily accumulate bacterial plaque, remove unplasticized plastic teeth,

Periodontitis is a chronic disease that has many consequences for oral health as well as general health, including communication insecurity and integration into the community. First of all, bad breath and bleeding gums. Next to the gum recession, tooth sensitivity. More importantly, it is the removal of the alveolar bone and the destruction of the ligaments, resulting in the loss of teeth, displacement of the teeth, loss of teeth, deformation of the face, loss of aesthetics and impairment of chewing function. affects general health.

 Ph Chapter ng measures go  u p   periodontitis

Depending on the state of the disease, it is possible to use an independent method or sometimes need to coordinate a variety of treatments as follows: Non-surgical treatment includes tartar shaving, periodontal treatment with antibiotics spot or whole body; Surgical treatment includes tooth extraction, root canal facial cleansing, transplantation of tissue ...; Maintenance and preventive treatment, such as oral hygiene guidelines (proper brushing, using chlorine dioxide mouth rinses, dental floss ...), dental check every 6 months. A common condition is that patients often buy antibiotics on their own without a doctor's consultation and appointment. This is a wrong habit because of poor performance, the disease is progressing silently, the possibility of recurrence is very high. On the other hand, the use of antibiotics indiscriminately will cause drug resistance is also a problem for all humanity.

 L er i recommend and how ng yes a

Periodontal disease is a disease that may not recover as initially, because bone loss may not completely recover and is a disease with a high rate of recurrence, progressing silently, with no symptoms. It is easy for the patient to detect, until the condition becomes severe. Consequently, the patient's sense of self-esteem and regular dental health is more important than regular treatment. Because, sometimes too serious a situation can not be saved, but to remove the teeth. So, for the patient, I have some advice:

Proper oral hygiene: Keep your oral hygiene clean, brush your teeth after each meal and before bed with a soft brush, do not brush too hard. At the same time, combine with dental floss, toothpaste and mouthwash to clean the teeth, removing plaque from bacteria. Do not use the toothpick because it is easy to cause gum recession and interdental. Brushes should be replaced every 3 months

Periodic dental check-ups: Helps detect abnormal signs in the oral cavity as well as the periodontal system. Dental plaque should be removed every 4-6 months because tartar contains many bacteria and is the leading cause of periodontitis.

Nutrition: Limit high sugar foods, alcohol, smoke. Instead, provide vitamin C, calcium for healthy teeth.

 For women in pregnancy, good oral hygiene should be maintained, periodontal shaving to prevent plaque from bacteria that cause periodontal inflammation.

For patients with cardiovascular intervention, the treatment of periodontitis - removal of bacterial plaque becomes a mandatory indication. Otherwise, bacteria from the plaque have the opportunity to undergo blood flow to the heart leading to the risk of cardiovascular failure and life-threatening illness.

 For patients who are treated for head and neck cancer, need to shave lavish, clean oral hygiene, actively treat periodontal teeth, even to remove the teeth are not able to shake. Recover before applying radiation therapy.

 For patients who have implanted dental implants, the problem of soft tissue around the implant (referred to as gum tissue) has become increasingly urgent.

Today, porcelain is a popular method chosen by many people as a solution to restore both aesthetic smile and functional eating. However, the process does not guarantee the correct technique can lead to the consequences of gingivitis, periodontitis that causes swollen red, easily bleeding, bad breath and teeth. Therefore, the selection of treatment facilities and a team of doctors with high expertise, is a prerequisite to ensure the aesthetics, long-term success of dental porcelain, health of the tissue. in particular and dental health in general.

(According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan - Lecturer, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City)


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