What is metal porcelain teeth?

Date: 31/05/2018 / Author: Mr Hiếu

Ordinary porcelain teeth have long been chosen by many people. Although there are certain limitations, but still ensure the ability to eat chewing and aesthetics, and especially the cost of implementation is average, suitable for many subjects.

 Cercon porcelain with CAD / CAM technology

 Veneer porcelain veneer treatment

Most of those who go to dental restorations due to tooth decay, broken, ... low to medium income will choose this method. However, to date, many have changed their minds and thought of long-lasting endurance and aesthetics, so they were considering whether to grow more conventional porcelain teeth.

What is metal porcelain teeth?

Ordinary  porcelain teeth are porcelain teeth with internal ribs made of common metal (Co-Cr or Ni-Cr), the outside is covered with ceramics Ceramco3. This porcelain ceramic system is complete, heat-stable and highly aesthetic, capable of light effects such as natural teeth, especially this type of porcelain is compatible with precious alloys, Semi precious and most common alloy. Ceramco Ceramic 3 is also a complete metal-ceramic system, stable with heat and aesthetically appealing, capable of producing natural light effects. Therefore, porcelain metal teeth usually do not affect or complicate the health of the patient.  


Metallic porcelain teeth have internal flanks made of metal compounds and covered with porcelain

The color of this porcelain tooth is similar to that of real teeth. However, after a period of use, this type of porcelain will darken the gum line causing aesthetic loss to your face. The cause of black gum is caused by the metal compounds in the teeth will be oxidized by the reaction between the acid in the saliva and the metal causes black gum. In addition, when light comes on, these types of porcelain teeth will glow, not as natural looking as natural teeth or other precious metal teeth.  

This is also one of the first porcelain teeth, the method of dental prosthesis was born reproduces millions of confident smile, ensuring good chewing gum equivalent to a real.

How long do metal porcelain last ?

On the strength of the teeth, the porcelain teeth are not much different from other types of teeth. This durability depends on a variety of factors, such as how to take care of your teeth, how the external factors work ...  


Metal porcelain teeth are highly durable and meet the need for effective chewing

If you have a reputable dentist, good physician, dedicated and caring, can last more than 10 years. According to Dr., Doctor Vo Van Nhan - Director of Human Mind: aesthetics and durability, the messenger is no different from the different people. Chỉ một thời gian chỉ dài đó sẽ dài là nubu. If you are interested in this kind of metal (Cercon, porcelain emax).

If you are restoring the front teeth or front teeth, minimize the choice of dental porcelain to prevent loss of confidence when the gum line is black, resulting in poor smile. With that in mind, you should only choose to use the molars in the molars. At the same time, with a cost of about 1 million per tooth, quite suitable for low-income subjects, easy to choose, investment for a healthy teeth.


Metal porcelain teeth are suitable for restoration of internal teeth

To choose the type of dental porcelain that is right for you and your desire, as well as a healthy tooth, you should look for reputable, experienced dentists and a team of really good doctors, Commit to the patient so that you avoid unnecessary risks.

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